Rolex Watches & cufflinks News Tue, 14 Jan 2020 09:28:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Why Rolex does not produce tourbillon watches Tue, 29 Oct 2019 18:34:44 +0000 Are you wondering if Rolex watches worth to buy? If yes, then please be reminded that Rolex is one of the most prestigious and prominent watch manufacturers that has worldwide popularity. Since its inception, the brand has never failed to produce terrific timepieces. Each of their Rolex productions surely deserves a value in every one of your wardrobes. No matter whether you are wearing casual attire or you are heading for a party, a matching Rolex watch can instantly help you flaunt the best and most envious look.

That’s why Rolex branded watches are a hot favorite for many eminent celebrities including Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin,Victoria Beckham, Brad Pitt and so on. These celebs have been spotted wearing a Rolex watch on many occasions. Therefore, there is absolutely no question and doubt on the invest value of Rolex watches. These excellent timers ensure a long-lasting investment value for sure! There are some key reasons behind it. So, let’s now explore some top reasons that prove why Rolex timers are worth buying.

First of all, Rolex timers are known for their precision and accuracy. Each of the Rolex timers is carefully designed and manufactured to reflect such accuracy and precision. The second unique factor of Rolex timers is their quality. Starting from their case to their in-house movement, Rolex timers are synonymous with brilliant quality that will surely surpass everyone’s expectations. Thirdly, Rolex watches are a symbol of style and class. For true watch lovers, Rolex timers always hold a special position for their style, elegance, and class.

With this, you have understood why Rolex timepieces are worth purchasing for all. Let’s now talk about why Rolex does not produce tourbillon watches. Of course, it’s a matter of fact that the brand isn’t interested in manufacturing tourbillon watch models. Nevertheless, there are some underlying reasons behind it that you must know.

Rolex and Tourbillon Watches

) Rolex believes in utility: The main aim of the brand is to produce luxurious and utility watches. The brand doesn’t believe in making complicated tourbillon watch models.

ii) Rolex prefers retaining its image: Being an extremely conservative company, Rolex prefers sticking to their own authentic image. They prefer bringing their in-house watch movement productions, rather than copying other companies’ designing.

iii) Rolex isn’t interested in tool watches: Rolex watches are mainly synonymous with durability, precision, accuracy, quality, and elegance. The brand is not really interested in manufacturing complex tool watches as such as tourbillon.

Due to the above three reasons, Rolex doesn’t make tourbillon watches.

This color scheme is really amazing: Rolex Daydate brand new 36 watch ref m128348rbr-0037 review Thu, 10 Oct 2019 06:56:20 +0000 In 1905, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf founded his own business, which was later the predecessor of Rolex. After more than a century of development, Rolex has continued to advance on the road of watchmaking, not only to create a watch that is loved by watchmakers, but also to achieve certain achievements in sales, and it is irreplaceable in the watch market. The Day-date is one of Rolex’s most iconic collections. The daydate timepiece has a date and a full-day display on the dial, which is highly recognizable. This year, Rolex has added new work to this collection. The three new Oyster Perpetual Daydate 36 watch is paired with a unique bold dial for an unforgettable visual experience. (Watch model: m128348rbr-0037)

The Daydate watch becomes the world’s first calendar watch with a full-circle week display in a curved window at 12 o’clock. It is a brand new technical achievement for the watchmaking world in1956. Abundant political elites, presidents, and A-list stars around the world have worn the Rolex Day-date watch, making its popularity definitely unsurpassable.

Rolex has launched three new DayDate watches, 18ct gold version, 18ct white gold version, and 18ct rose gold version. This watch features 18ct gold with a turquoise dial, extremely bold and distinctive.

Rolex has its own exclusive foundry, 18ct gold material is also produced from here. The 18ct gold case is treated with a polished finish that reveals a sheer metallic luster. The lines on the sides of the case are smooth and natural, extending to the lugs, showing a curved curvature that allows for a better fit to the wrist when worn.

There are 52 diamonds set on the bezel. The gold material and the diamonds complement each other, tremendously shine and stunning.

The turquoise dial is delicate and soft, with a delicate texture and worthy of savoring. The dial design is unique to Rolex, making the watch more recognizable. The Roman numeral hour markers are made of 18ct gold and are set with diamonds on them. The gold hands echo with it, and the curved day display window at 12 o’clock and the date display window at 3 o’clock are a feature of this watch.

The 18ct gold headgear bracelet is equipped with three half-arched links, which are soft and comfortable, and the wearing effect is excellent.

This watch is equipped with Rolex’s new generation 3255 caliber, Rolex patented Chronergy escapement, optimized blue Parachrom hairspring, high-performance Paraflex cushioning device, etc. The patent is for movement, precision, shockproof and anti-magnetic performance, reliable performance and other aspects are commendable. The movement is also equipped with a constant-motion automatic winding assembly, which is powered by a constant-action oscillating weight and provides about 70 hours of power reserve.

Summary: The classic design is timelessly fashionable, and the excellent performance makes people love it. Rolex has an unbeatable reputation in the watchmaking world with its own unstoppable advantages. In addition, this day-date watch 36 boldly uses a combination of gold and turquoise to design a watch that is exceedingly attention-grasping.

]]> The Best Site To Get Designer Handbags Replicas Tue, 14 May 2019 07:36:05 +0000 Whether you are going for a date or attending that high voltage seminar, then there is no doubt that you want a handbag that looks smart and unique. No other bag achieves the said objective than the original, luxury, designer handbag bearing labels. Well, these bags are quite expensive, explaining why women of class –celebrities, top managers, and a few women politicians –can afford them.

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Bottega Veneta replica designer handbag

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Bottega Veneta replica bag for her

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Comparison between Rep Vs Real designer handbags at

How to get celebrity bag at nice price

While there are a few differences between replicas and real versions of designer handbags at, it is immensely hard to distinguish that someone is walking around with a copy bag if they got it from Indeed, there are several justifiable reasons why you should consider buying a replica bag rather than the real ones; it includes:

• Their prices are highly affordable

• There’re different varieties/options at one point

• The handbags are easily accessible

• Quality is always guaranteed

The Rainbow Set On The Wrist– — Rolex All Kinds Of Gem Dial Watches Wed, 27 Mar 2019 08:41:31 +0000 Rolex is the biggest luxury watches manufacturer, which is not only the Swiss consume factory for precious metals and jewelry. All kinds of gem, only you think, can be used for a no Rolex. While as the Rolex typical straight design character, a lot of stone dial watch also looks very ugly now. We in this review the Rolex “spoil” stone dial watches.

Agate can also be called code agate, horse agate, and onyx. It is a kind of chalcedony kind mineral, color has administrative levels quite. Most agates exist in the form of nodules in extruded rocks or ancient lava, and the cavities formed by the volatile components of the original molten material are filled with silicate components that condense layer by layer along the walls. Agate also fills cavities created by the intrusion of extruded or altered rocks into the granite. When the Agate is cut crosswise, a series of parallel lines of grain appear that is usually very fine, giving the appearance of a banded color.

Rolex Day-Date onyx dial watch Ref.18079

Ammolite is an organic gem similar to opal found primarily on the eastern slopes of North American Rockies. It is composed of the fossilized shells of ammonites, and the algal shells are composed mainly of aragonite with the same minerals contained in the nacre and have microstructures inherited from the shells. It is one of the few biological gems

Rolex Day-Date blue Ammolite watch Ref.18208

Aventurine, also known as winter-stone, Indian jade, which is a beautiful oil-green quartzite containing chromium-mica. But now it is widely promoted that all quartz or secondary quartz in the earth’s crust, which is bright in color and dense and tough in texture, is collectively referred to as “aventurine quartz”.

Rolex Day-Date blue Aventurine watch Ref.18238

Azurite, also known as azurite, is a kind of mineral containing copper. It has dark blue or light blue glassy luster, and the chemical composition of which is Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2. it is a monoclinic crystal system that is rectangular column or plate. The aggregate is a cluster, radial, bell emulsion or granular, the hardness is 3.5-4, the specific gravity is 3.77-3.89.

Rolex blue copper dial women watch Ref: 5184/8

Bloodstone is a dark green to blue-green chalcedony with red or brown spots. The spots look similar to blood stains, indicating the name of the gem. Spots may be so sparse that they hardly exist, or they may be very dense and interwoven. Bloodstones may also have red markings, although speckles are the most common and desirable texture.

Rolex Day-Date blood stone dial watch Ref.18038

In addition, many Rolex natural stone watches have been abandoned along with the enhancement of environmental protection awareness. Most precious stone are not sold at a premium price at Rolex auction.

The Advice Of Rolex– If Men Have To Become An Uncle In The Future, Please Become Someone Likes Kimura Takuya Tue, 19 Mar 2019 07:38:11 +0000 Speaking of Kimura Takuya, I think many people will not hear him, but they must have heard the name. He was named “the most popular artist in Japan”, and now the traffic star influence is not as good as half of him. He drove the trend of Japan. When he grew up, all the men in Japan kept their long hair. When he had short hair, every barbershop on the street would be full. He chose to marry and have children when the road to entertainment was the most prosperous. After more than a decade, his second daughter debuted in the entertainment circle, and his name was mentioned again. What kind of charm does he have? Can he still bring such a big topicality influence after so many years?

The last time Kimura Takuya was hotly debated was a fashion advertisement that was co-operated with Chinese singer Leah Dou. The netizen called it “the combination of gods”. He doesn’t look like a forty-something in the subway scene.

He debuted very early and joined the combined SMAP when he was a teenager. Each song of this combination can get the first place in the song ranking at that time, and the life of the combination is still long–from 1988 to 2016. “The only flower in the world” is said to be “the second national anthem of Japan” in the commentary area. It can be said that the Japanese almost sing. It can be seen how much his influence is. This song has a lyric that I especially like, “Whether the flowers are big or small, as different individuals, there is no re-sampling. It doesn’t matter if you don’t do the first, it is special and unique”.

Each of his works, advertisements, endorsements and even personal belongings will set off a new round of fashion trends in Japan. His TV “Long Holidays” hit a high score of 36.7% in the finale. It even caused a rush of Japanese young people to learn the piano.

Kimura Takuya with Rolex Explorer 114270-78690 watch

Kimura Takuya wears Rolex Cosmology Daytona 116506-78596 ice blue plate brown chronograph watch

He is willing to change his own handsome style in the variety show, anti-string and funny. As long as the audience can feel real and happy, he is willing to do a lot of trials. Some people say that he is probably the most frequent of the Japanese male stars. He does this because of his sense of responsibility to the audience and fans. He said that in fact, people must be aware that there are people who are better than themselves. To be soberly accepted and to realize this can stimulate their progress. Even though he is 46 years old this year, he is constantly trying new things.

The White House Chefs Are Back And The Trump With Rolex Feasting On The Champion Team Through Snack Food Wed, 06 Mar 2019 08:44:28 +0000 According to Fox News on March 5, President Trump hosted a dinner for the Bison team of North Dakota state university at the White House on March 4, congratulating their seventh NCAA football championship (FCS) division title. Instead of a top-notch meal from a White House chef, however, they were greeted by a table full of McDonald’s burgers, sandwiches, and fries.

But Mr. Trump was so pleased with his choice of food that he joked, “we love American companies, don’t we”. Later, Trump explained his food choices. “I wanted the White House chef to prepare the food, but I prepared the fast food because I understand you”, he said.

This is reminiscent of January. On January 14, when the government was in shutdown mode, the White House chefs were on holiday at home. Trump had to pay for a hamburger dinner for the newly crowned Clemson college tigers players.

I have to say, Trump is a bit of a tightwad.(the magazine Forbes once estimated Trump’s net worth at about $4.5 billion, while trump said it was more than $10 billion.) as the President of the country, eating fast food for the champion team disappointed many netizen. And even though the White House chefs were back at work, Trump bought the champion team a snack. This makes the team’s fans very angry, feeling this is the team does not take.

I thought he just did it because the government shut down… Now we know he’s either crazy or cheap or both, one side.

Another said: “those young people know more about healthy eating than ever before, but trump is a fool to give them fast food.If I was going to the White House, I would bring my own lunch.

But the atmosphere was cordial, the report said. Trump praised the buffalo players as “great, strong, powerful champions.”The team also carefully prepared gifts for trump. The team also carefully prepared gifts for trump. Because trump is the 45th President of the United States, the bison team has prepared a no.45 jersey for him. Trump was so happy that he held up his jersey and “posed” back and forth.

The Washington post said trump had also prepared lunch for the lads at the Capitol, and they weren’t just eating burgers.Buffalo quarterback Trevor Lawrence also told the press, “this is great. We ate McDonald’s and everything else. That’s good”.

Trump does indeed treat himself with great luxury. People can see the protruding Rolex’s iconic small window convex lens. Combined with the gold watch design, it is not hard to see that rolex’s main watch is Day-Date series or Day-Just series.

Rolex Day-Date 218348-83218 gold diamond men watch

Rolex Day-Just m278288rbr-0008 white dial gold diamond men

How Did Ellen DeGeneres Demonstrate The Classics And Fashion of Rolex With The Medal of Freedom? Thu, 28 Feb 2019 08:25:50 +0000 The Kardashian family, the Obamas, Jackie Chan, BTS, Clinton, and George Bush are all guests of her program–Allen Show, and of course, there are some ordinary people to share the funny things. Yes, she is Ellen DeGeneres.

Obama honors Allen with The Medal of Freedom

The milestone of Ellen DeGeneres
In the 1990s, she announced that she had almost come across a career in Waterloo. In 2016, she was awarded the Medal of Freedom by US President Barack Obama. “Allen Show” has been in the first 15 years since its first broadcast in 2003. And it always brings happiness to people and makes a person has a good mind.

Born in 1958, Allen, who is 61 years old this year, is still young. Allen and his wife got married in 2008, and it has been ten years now. In the 1990s, she was one of the first people in the United States to announce the release of the cabinet. Twenty years ago, Americans were not as inclusive as they are now, and their thoughts might be equal to some of the underdeveloped countries. They believe that love between the same sex is “lesbian”. She has thousands of fans on Instagram. She is a good friend with Obama, Hillary, and Clinton, while she can also chat with the child only a few years old.

Today we will take stock of the Rolex watch that she wore in the popular show “Allen Show”.

For Allen, this Rolex antique Daytona is very meaningful. In the early “Allen Show”, she has already worn this watch.

Rolex Day Date m228349rbr-0036 Watch

Rolex Greenwich Type II 116718-LN-78208 Green Dial Watch

She and the guest dressed up as Mario Bros., she wore Rolex Greenwich II green dial watch.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN-78590 Watch

As we have appreciated the antique Daytona, the production of Daytona must not be missed. And it is easy for people to find that Allen chose all men watches, whose diameter is about 40mm. Maybe it just because she is a homosexual. So what? We still love her.

She wearing a Rolex cosmology Daytona M116518ln-0040 watch with Bush

People can call her a fan of Rolex Ditongna. The watch is antique, modern, steel and precious metal models… Rolex classic shapes have always become the same theme on Allen’s wrist.

Rolex Day Date 116300-72210 silver dial watch

Among her many models of Rolex, this Rolex silver dial watch may be the most understated. When choosing watch, she has a special preference for the brand and design. Steel and metal sports watches is the best choice in most situations. although she will choose the formal table, the proportion is small.

Rolex Greenwich II 116719-BLRO Watch

Rolex Greenwich II 116710LN-78200 Watch (Green Needle)

Unique Mother-of-pearl Is The Gift From The Beautiful Ocean: A Colorful Elf Guarding The Wrist Sat, 19 Jan 2019 09:11:04 +0000 The ocean is the beginning of all things, and the mother-of-pearl exudes a charming and soft color, which has become more popular in recent years. Mother-of-pearl material has been used for decoration for centuries. In the 16th century, altarpieces began to be used in a large number of mother-of-pearl carvings, and later in the Tokapi Palace Museum.

The natural mother-of-pearl will have a great difference in the color, texture and detail of the interior because of its natural environment and the influence of foreign substances. Different varieties of mother-of-pearl will produce different varieties of pearls, and their own color lines will have many different patterns.

Rainbow mother-of-pearl in the inner layer of nautilus shell

The mother-of-pearl dial is thin and fragile and the processing is difficult. The production of mother-of-pearl dial often involves 15 process steps, which can take up to 4-6 weeks. A perfect mother-of-pearl dial needs to go through the following eight steps:

Selection of shells: This step is especially important for high-end watches. High-quality shells are super-white gloss, and although the mother-of-pearl is produced all over the world, the best varieties come from Australia. Before the dial is made, the mother-of-pearl must be flattened and precisely machined into a sheet having a thickness of 0.2 mm.

Manual finishing: Due to the limited machining capacity, the group of craftsmen will purchase the finished mother-of-pearl pieces and process them as needed. As a result, most of the mother-of-pearl dials are handmade.

Manual finishing: Due to the limited machining capacity, the group of craftsmen will purchase the finished mother-of-pearl pieces and process them as needed. As a result, most of the mother-of-pearl dials are handmade.

Carved lines: The mother-of-pearl dial can be hollowed out or carved. These exquisite lines are also carefully crafted by craftsmen on the front and back of the mother-of-pearl with skillful craftsmanship.

Enhance color: After applying a special translucent paint on the back of mother-of-pearl, the color can be further improved. It usually accompanied by a variety of pearly shades such as light blue, pink, gray, brown.

Surface Polishing: The polishing process is also extremely important because the surface-glossy mother-of-pearl is more likely to emit natural brilliance.

Implantation scale: A digital scale is then printed on the mother-of-pearl dial, or the gemstones and solid scales are placed in a previously hollowed out position.

The final retouch: the craftsmen use zircon, colored gemstones or gold foil to embellish the dial, making it even more dazzling. When the pointer is also equipped, the dial will be completed.

Appreciation of the mother-of-pearl watch

Rolex Pearl Lady white gold 80299 White Mother-of-Pearl Watch
Rolex Pearl Lady white gold 80319 Roman Time Standard Powder Pink Mother-of-Pearl Watch
Rolex Pearl Lady gold 81298-72848 J black Mother-of-Pearl Diamond Watch

Why Are There So Many People Who Want to Buy Rolex even The Price Is Always Rising? Thu, 27 Dec 2018 09:05:28 +0000 As we all know, the price of Rolex is always rising in the recent period. Not only has the “hot speculation” model Milgauss 116400 reached a new peak, but other popular models are also rising. In fact, for luxury watches, the increase of price is normal, especially for new models. After a period of time, the contradiction between supply and demand has been alleviated, the price will return to the normal track. But in recent years, the price of Rolex is really high. However, it is rising every year.

Rolex Milgauss blue dial green mirror watch 116400-GV-72400

We take the Gold Daytona for comparison, so that everyone can understand the price. The current price of the steel shell ceramic circle Daytona has been close to the Gold Daytona (belt or tape) Di Tong holding 70,000 dollars. Then the Gold Daytona has also increased by more than 10,000 dollars in the past year. So Rolex really has been raising prices.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona M116518ln-0040 Gold Watch

Analysis of the reasons for the increase in price belongs to Rolex: In fact, the fundamental reason is still the links of supply and demand.

The marketing strategy of brand
Without limited edition watches like other brands, Rolex are always the production timings. However, the output is very low. And the amount of consumers is indeed huge, which will inevitably lead to a serious imbalance between supply and demand.

For example, there are 10 Rolex stores in a region, Rolex’s popular watch Milgauss 116400, each store will have one per month. then 10 stores have ten 116400, and there are 100 people waiting to buy one. Usually, these 116400 in stores can only be obtained from the store if they have long-term customers of the brand (mainly those with large transaction volume and large amount of money). The hot watch was bought immediately, so it is difficult for most people to see these watches in the store.

Second-hand trading market
Once the ten 116400 left the store and entered the secondary market, coupled with huge consumers, the value immediately rose. This is also the reason for the price increase of Rolex watches.

Some people say that the brand only sale the appearance and the fame of Rolex. As the movement configuration is not important. I think it is correct. Over the years, the technology on the movement of brand has changed. And the old and new models have had no effect on the value of the popular watches. Consumers just care about the culture and popularity of the brand.

Therefore, the watch is not only a tool for mastering time, but also a symbol of status and identity. The intrinsic value of a fine watch can not be measured by the money.

How to Sell Your Own Watch for A Good Price, One of These Steps Cannot Be Missed Wed, 26 Dec 2018 09:34:29 +0000 Whether a watch is reminiscent or resold, the owner is hoped that it will add value, at least not lose too much. Are there any good ways to solve questions? Don’t worry and take note of these steps. Your watch will definitely not be devalued.

Rolex Submariner 16610LV-93250 Green Bezel Watch

Be sure to keep a full set of certificates and boxes
Many people buy a watch and throw the certificate and the box. When it is sold, it will not be found. In fact, in the second-hand transaction, if there is an original security card (certificate), the table will increase by a few thousand dollars.
The numbers engraved on the movement is the ID of the watch

Rolex Submariner 116613-LN-97203 Black Dial Watch

Keep the original strap and the removed parts
The original strap is more valuable to collectors. This refers specifically to (non) leather strap. They have unique aesthetic features, such as those designed by Rolex.

Rolex Greenwich II 126710BLRO-0001 Red-Blue Bezel Watch

Finding the right strap for an old-fashioned watch is difficult because the straps are usually worn out and replaced over time. So it is advantageous to add value to the watch and be sure to pick up the removed parts.

Storage is the key
Moisture and dust are the nemesis of watches. So it is best to keep them in a dry and constant temperature environment. As the age of watch increases,the old-fashioned chronographs with square buttons (watches with integrated stopwatch function) is easier to get moisture in. So be careful when wearing them.

Note: Even if it is a diving watch, it is necessary to check the water resistance after several years of use.
Welfare: Although the light can fade the black dial of the antique watch, these special aging forms add extra value to the watch. These depends on the brand, model and aesthetics. However, in general, watches should be kept away from light.
If there is a turntable, of course it is better to use than storage. Just like a car, it needs to be driving frequently.

Communication with the watchmaker must be clear
If you want to maintain the value of watch, you should choose the right watchmaker to serve, and tell them exactly what you want. Communication with a watchmaker or watch repair company is essential. If you don’t want to replace parts or watch polishing, you have to do these. Sometimes even if you tell, the watch will be accidentally polished or otherwise beautified. These changes can greatly affect the value of the watch that cannot be restored. An irreparable mistake can make collectors cry. Therefore, collectors should better maintain the relationship with trusted watchmakers!

Of course, you still need regular maintenance, but the maintenance cycle varies from person to person. This can communicate well with the watchmaker so that watch can in the best condition.